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Orange County Water District

I personally have found Loren Lillestrand’s services a tremendous benefit and feedback from my OCWD staff has been overwhelmingly supportive. I would encourage you to talk to Loren and see if he might be able to provide similar benefit for your organization.

~ Mike Markus
While serving as General Manager

So California Water District

A note to a General Manager from one of his employees: Working with Loren is very rewarding. The daily reminders, lessons, insights and progress tracking have improved my life. I can’t imagine a better investment in employee development. Thank you for making this available to me!

~ Anonymous
While serving as Department Head

Burlingame Lending Team

“Sylvia stands out above all in her leadership, public speaking, and community services. She has made an outstanding impression in networking groups & circles we frequent. I am always intrigued by Sylvia's ability to keep her audience engaged. She is an expert communicator. I have learned a lot from her and highly recommend her for anyone looking to improve upon their professional and leadership development. Sylvia is a genuine professional from the way she puts herself together to her one on one interactions. She is a true inspiration."

~ Jill Burlingame
While serving as Client Relations


We really appreciated having you and Loren at our conference this year and it was one the most talked about presentations we had. We would love to have you again!!

~ Chuck Maurer
While serving as President

Orange County Sanitation District

I hold you in very high esteem for your professional ethics, your faith and your strong commitment to improving government.

~ Jim Ruth
While serving as General Manager

Honda Federal Credit Union

Our leadership team recently completed our most productive and forthright strategic planning session ever. I told my board later that I believe the open and effective communication of our leadership staff during that meeting is directly traceable to [Lillestrand Leadership's] superb one-on-one coaching as well as the people development workshops.

~ Jim Updike
While serving as CEO

Western Growers Insurance Services

When [Lillestrand Leadership] guaranteed a 67% survey response rate, I was favorably impressed. When the actual response rate they achieved was 80%, I could hardly believe it. In the many project assignments they have handled since then, I have never been anything but pleased in the quality of their service and performance.

~ Don Dressler
While serving as President

CU Partners

[Lillestrand Leadership] has played an indispensable role in helping us open up a whole new field of strategic partnerships in the financial services industry. I couldn’t be more pleased. I owe my success to [Lillestrand Leadership].

~ Laura Lee Brown
While serving as Vice President

Great Western Hotel

The recommendation of our corporate council of thirty years to engage [Lillestrand Leadership] to help us transform beyond our founder stage has been a big win. They not only have the resources to help us reinvent our structures and processes but also to help our people transform into the team they will need to be in this reinvented environment. We are also very impressed with [Lillestrand Leadership's] executive search capabilities. From the time we assigned them the search for an extremely urgent general manager need at one of our large downtown properties until the time the position filled was less than two weeks—incredible!

~ Robert Goodman
While serving as President

Brown Metals

[Lillestrand Leadership] provides the team facilitation, leadership coaching and outside perspective we need to help promote the growth and development of both our staff and company. Our staff spends the vast majority of their waking hours right here with us at work. The few hours of their day that remain after their commute, typically, go to being with their families. If the company does not provide intentional opportunities for them to grow and develop right here on the job, where are they going to get it?

~ Carolyn Brown
While serving as President

County of Orange

I do not think I can say this too many times. I am so grateful for [Lillestrand Leadership's] assistance with our search in giving direction and assistance and helping to give us two wonderful employees. Thanks very much and many times.

~ Paul Gorman
While serving as Assistant Treasurer-Tax Collector

Mar-Lyn Corporation Container

Thank you for helping us with our finances. Your helping me with the process of identifying $250,000 in savings was much appreciated. That assistance - which led to a helpful restructuring - resulted in lowering our break-even point by a $1,000,000 in manufactured sales! I couldn’t be more pleased.

~ Bill Warren Jr.
While serving as VP of Operations

Health Data Sciences, A Division of Medaphis Corp.

Our company’s communication system and process were significantly strengthened by your capable assistance. And the strategic plan alignment piece you helped us develop was the most concise and accurate communication summary of our direction that we have ever achieved. In just ten minutes of reading any constituent can get a clear picture of not only our mission, vision, values and guiding principles, but also the strategic areas upon which we will focus to bring our vision into reality.

~ Dr. Ralph Korpmann
While serving as President & Founder

VA Desert Pacific Federal Credit Union

Loan growth has been six times the industry average . . .our net income has more than doubled . . .you continually work to stay on my agenda . . . a refreshing change!

~ Cindy Glessner
While serving as CEO

Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles (CRA/LA)

Thanks very much for sending me the two versions of the draft strategic plan. We are already making great use of them. I very much enjoyed working with you. You helped us to move this process forward at a rapid clip, in a meaningful and efficient way. You were great to work with and kept an opinionated and strong-willed group on track and focused.

~ Cecilia Estolano
While serving as CEO

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