Consulting Services

The desire to make clients’ lives easier has fostered a wide array of services. We're driven by a deeply held motivation to be a powerful servant to our clients. Below are examples of our most effective and popular services.

Executive Coaching

Our most powerful way of working with clients. From the CEO to the supervisor and everyone in between, our outside objectivity is extremely helpful in helping team members gain new outlooks and bring more value to the organization.

Leadership Assessment and Enhancement

Partnering with Management Research Group we offer a suite of tools for Strategic Leadership Development™ (SLD™) Premier among them is the Leadership Effectiveness Assessment 360™ (LEA 360™), Arguably best-in-class, it measures 22 practices in the six key areas of leadership effectiveness.

Group Development

In the new information economy, people are the new capital. You can select from a wide menu of over two dozen insightful and effective developmental workshops to help enhance your team's job satisfaction and work effectiveness.

Strategic Direction

Articulating Strategic Direction just got easier. You may find our streamlined methodology ideal for your situation and a refreshing change. Or, if you prefer a more lengthy approach we can provide that as well.

And that's not all

Over the past 20 years we've work with clients within a number of different capacities. From Project Management to “Rent-an-Exec” Services to Event Planning to Sales Effectiveness Assessment and Enhancement, our well balanced team can provide value in more ways than one can list. If you'd like a more in-depth look at our services, simple request a free consultation.

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