Managing Complaints


Managing Complaints provides team leaders, supervisors and managers with a proven process and individual skills to effectively deal with employee complaints in a way that supports employee and team goals. (4 hours)

What Participants Learn

  • Participants learn why team member complaints must be handled rather than ignored or dismissed.
  • Participants learn to become more sensitive to all problems — major or trivial, real or imagined — behind team members’ complaints.
  • Participants learn techniques to determine underlying problems, which are not always the same as those a team member thinks are responsible for his/her complaint.
  • Participants learn various techniques to solve problems while maintaining a positive relationship with the team member. Providing Performance Feedback Providing Performance Feedback teaches team leaders, supervisors and managers the skills necessary to implement a systematic, fact-based approach to performance improvement through quality feedback. (4 hours) What Participants Learn
  • Participants learn to base employee performance assessments on facts and employee behavior.
  • Participants learn to use positive feedback to motivate team members.
  • Participants learn to obtain team member participation in the assessment.
  • Participants learn to gain team member agreement and commitment to modify and improve performance.


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