Resolving Conflicts


Resolving Conflicts teaches team leaders, supervisors and managers to understand the signs of conflict and find the root causes, so managers can eliminate the issues and minimize the negative effects. (4 hours)

What Participants Learn

  • Participants learn to accept conflict as an inevitable part of work situations and deal with it in order to maintain individual and team focus and productivity.
  • Participants learn to recognize the positive and negative effects of conflicts and leverage conflict to everyone’s advantage.
  • Participants learn to distinguish between the two major sources of conflict so each conflict can be resolved fairly and effectively.
  • Participants learn to establish a cooperative atmosphere to resolve conflicts when they arise. Developing and Coaching Others Developing and Coaching Others helps team leaders, supervisors and managers learn the specifics of how they can effectively influence the learning process and hold “coaching moments” with team members to change undesired behavior and improve productivity and performance. (4 hours) What Participants Learn
  • Participants learn to increase the skills and capabilities of every team member.
  • Participants learn to effectively handle “coaching moments” so individuals can make learning decisions themselves.
  • Participants learn to maximize the on-the-job behavior change that results from a training and development intervention.
  • Participants learn to develop a work environment that encourages growth and development.


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